Launch Party

One the third of December, 2011, a HOMECOMING! spacecraft called  XLP-11 was put into orbit around the earth; and we were aboard.

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Spaceship Materials


WHEN: Saturday, December 3, 2011 | 9:00 pm – 2:00 am

WHERE: 2525 Weisenberger St. Fort Worth, TX

It’s the year 2011. The planet Earth has become a hostile home, no longer tolerant of its toxic inhabitants known as the human race. Global surface temperatures and carbon dioxide concentrations have sky-rocketed, melting glaciers and polar ice caps to overwhelm coastlines. The Earth has reached its breaking point…there’s no going back. What are we to do? We have to get the hell out of here!

But how, you ask? Since NASA’s department of spacecraft development and manufacturing has been eliminated, privatization has left us, the other ninety-nine percent, only dreaming of floating off this doomed planet and into the final frontier. How will we ever beat those fat-cats in this new space-race?

According to NASA administrator Chris Scolese, the agency plans to give $150 million in stimulus monies to companies that design, build, and service rockets and crew capsules. Eighty million of that chunk-of-change will be awarded to the company that presents the best “crewed launch demo” – prototypes based on existing cargo-capsule designs, modified for human travel.

Alas! Your prayers have been answered, for HOMECOMING! has stepped up to the plate. On December 3rd, 2011, HOMECOMING! will unveil its XLP-11 crude-crewed launch prototype, a spaceship built by the people and for the people! We are asking members of the community to not only join us for this monumental occasion, but to be part of the creation of the XLP-11 prototype. Bring one item, large or small, as a contribution to the molecular make-up of our ticket out of here.

Cover is $5 to attendees with spacecraft item in hand, (i.e. old lights, tin foil, out-moded electronics and whatever else it takes to get to space), and $10 for those who just want a seat.

-OR-  donate $5 or more to reserve a ticket. First 100 will receive a limited edition HOMECOMING! button.

Space-garb is strongly encouraged. Help us help you reach the stars!

Work by guest artists Elliott Johnson and M will be featured as well as installations by HOMECOMING’s own Christopher Blay, Tim Harding and Kris Pierce.

Also DJ JuanSOLO wil be in the house…
Shine up your moon boots people. Open bar for all those of legal drinking age.


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