Act 1:

and x art space & HOMECOMING! Committee Present:

MACGUFFIN: an object, event, or character in a fictional story that serves to set and keep the plot in motion despite usually lacking intrinsic importance.

3511 Lock Ave., Fort Worth
November 8, 2013 through January 18, 2014
Act 1: Reception: Friday November 8, from 5– 9pm

Scenario a) at the center of the room there is a body of water, an object of desire, a stage on the x and y of a complex plane. from its well bubbles celestial oscillations of (non)desire and (non)monuments. a burning ship fractal, a snap-shot of muscle beach with a cocoa butter scent. a portal to cat hair, BIN bottles, strobing lights, cumulous forms, voyeur channels.

Scenario b) at the center of the room there is only sound, intervals originating from the intersection of neural signals. a sonar mapping of oceanic timbre, sonic chatter combinations of cochlear and neural melodies, chirps, groans, bubbling oozes, primordial lasers, bells, greens, blues, performed services, electronic fibers, aural fictions.

Scenario c) at the center of the room there are no doors or windows. when explored, its walls extend further into x as its ceiling and floor fall into y. is this ever a room? destination-less travels and fictional dramas. water wood concrete camera rock wood mold paper channel water waste plastic signal acid light rock dirt tone camera.

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Note: and x art space is Closed December 20 and 21, 2013.

and x art space

3511 Lock Ave., Fort Worth

November 8, 2013 through January 18, 2014
Reception: Friday November 8, from 5– 9pm

Gallery hours: Friday and Saturday 1pm – 6pm


Noodle tubes and hot tubs!
The first event of a continuous and ever-changing process. HOMECOMING! Committee has transfigured andX Art Space into an expansion of the collective’s creative brain space. The hot tub serves as a creative soup to catalyze conversation, concepts and creation. The ceremonious filling of the hot tub begins with nagashi-sōmen (流しそうめん flowing noodles) where Sōmen noodles are placed in a long flume that carries clear, ice-cold water. As the sōmen pass by, participants pluck them out with their chopsticks and dip them in tsuyu. The runoff from this action is pumped into the hot tub as a base for the creative soup and the amalgamation of the collaborative process. This is the starting point of a series of events, actions, and transformations that will take place throughout the course of exhibition