HOMECOMING! is an assembly of artists and creatives who seek to develop collaborative projects in conjunction with their individual artistic production. The ethos of artmaking is too often focused on the construction of the permanent object – a paradoxical pursuit, rooted in self-deception and illusion. Nothing is permanent, only the ephemeral moment is real.HOMECOMING!, through shared experience, will transform the ephemeral into the tangible. We believe this transformation is paramount and is the true nucleus of artmaking. Once this is understood, artists will regain the agency we so often relinquish without hesitation.

HOMECOMING! seeks to establish initiatives and venues in which all manner of creative individuals can operate as co-collaborators engaging in the practice of this agency. Interactive and participatory, HOMECOMING events create an environment to springboard artists into action and build networks for future collaborations. This fortification of creative resources will reposition the artist as an individual that shapes cultural discourse, rather than a member of society that merely reacts to it.